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The financial position improves slowly in small steps.

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And at the end of the year, finances will be handsome. However, it will be wise to restrict your expenses on luxurious items for family and friends. The financial position of people in the service industry such as real estate agents.

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And insurance advisers will have their income from female members. Also, it is important to go by your instinct and make prompt decisions on matters of financial investments. You should invest all excess money and be wary of giving loans to others.

Business partnerships will face problems financially. Health forecast for Rabbits in the year does not indicate a very rosy picture. There will be minor problems related to skin, kidney, and rheumatism. Injuries from sharp objects will be another source of worry. Hence, you should give importance to the right diet and must ensure to have sufficient relaxation to maintain your health. February indicates problems for health and financial projects. March requires watchfulness on your part to face adversaries.


April will be a month of challenges, allow them to pass. May allows you to breathe as things improve for the better. July is full of conflicts, stay away from them.

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August requires you to be stronger to face all the problems. September requires you to remain grounded; you will have the last laugh.

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October will be full of love and romance, time to enjoy. November is not a good month for monetary transactions with family members. December will be a month of good fortunes and make use of them to the full.

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Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. In this case, new love could be on the way or an existing relationship is about to grow to new depths. While Pluto was still in Capricorn, as the outer planets tend to stay in signs much longer than the inner planets, Venus was finishing up her time in Pisces and getting ready to move into Aries, so the energy was different.

Perhaps we were dreamier and still wearing those rose-colored glasses when it came to a connection. We were feeling the love, but were we really seeing and feeling the reality of our partner or a situation? Likely not. A lot has changed since last Spring.

Our mindset and attitude are naturally different towards the end of the year, rather than the beginning. While we only know if something lasts forever once it does, love is still a choice. To choose to love them when they lose their job, to choose to love them when they're sick, or when they betray us and likely hurt us. Knowing how you feel, listen to your dreams during the solar eclipse on February You may be amazed with the revelation. Your talents speak for themselves, although anyone jealous of your abilities or position may try to undermine your success early in the month.