Leo horoscope 7 february 2020

Along with this, air is the most social and generally upbeat positive of all the elements.

Leo 2020 Horoscope & Astrology Yearly Overview - wonderful friendships beckon...

Good communication and honesty is extraordinarily important when dealing with this element. As they are quick to cut off those who are negative, or those who act without their best interest at heart. They are truly a joy to be around, cherish the time you get to spend with this element, because they are known to be fleeting and it's never long before they are looking for new excitement and experiences. Zodiac and Horoscope signs and traits are determined by the phases of the planets, which constellations you are born under, and draw energies from.

Generally we have set dates for these astrological periods, but this doesn't tell the whole story!

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The phases of the constellations are just that, phases! There is not hard start or end to them because they blend together. So if you are born close to the start or end of a phase, you will experience traits from both.

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In your case, you are born under the Aquarius phase, but are only 12 days away from the Pisces phase. Pisces tend to be very sensitive and reserved. While also being great listeners and friends.

Here we have listed how compatible you can expect to be with each other sign. Expect to have an easier time getting along with senior management from March 4 th through April 2 nd as Venus transits across your solar 10 th house. Join with like-minded people who share your goals.

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Mercury enters Pisces on the 16 th , an excellent time to find fresh perspectives and inspiration. Venus makes a long visit to Gemini between April 3 rd and August 6 th. You can expect to meet people who will become your friends. So, get out there and mingle.

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Expand your social life. With Mars in Aquarius all month, expect your freedom to be especially important. Try, also, to be sensitive to the needs of others, especially your partner or sweetheart.

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The Full Moon on the 7th can bring with it excessive worry about a personal problem or a member of the family. Mars is in Aquarius through the 12 th , and that means you might harbor a desire that is in conflict with your significant other. Saturn retrograde between May 10 and September 29 can lead to possible delays and setbacks.

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  6. Be careful about throwing any parties on the 5 th and 21 st. Both are eclipse dates. Things can become unpredictable.

    Leo 2020 Horoscope – Love, Health , Money & Career

    Several retrograde planets mean your best course is to remain patient. On the negative side, you might see an insult where none is intended. Mercury is retrograde through the 11 th. Communication and concentration should improve for you, once Mercury resumes direct motion in Cancer. For the natives of Leo, this alignment shakes the foundations of the known, invites them to explore other alternatives in the professional field, and study the beliefs or conditions that, from his perspective, prevent him from taking action.

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    Do you love what you do? At this point the question arises as to whether or not you really want to or are not responding to old conditions, or social pressures. Given that Psyche alludes to his own vulnerability, and the process can be painful as well as revealing , it is advisable to have the accompaniment of a professional therapist. Let us not forget that also in House VI of Leo, we find Pluto, Saturn and the South Node, which means that we must reach the deepest layers of being, dismantle the old structures and beliefs, and aim for a true transformation.

    It will not be easy or quick, but it will be worth the effort.