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And on October 2, it. Early in the morning on Saturday, September 28, the new moon will rise in Libra, the sign of the Scales. All new moons symbolize new beginnings, and with t.

I spent the weekend with Aubrey Marcus, a wellness guru soothing the souls of modern men. On September 23, the fall equinox arrives and Libra season officially begins.

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The seventh sign of the zodiac is associated with balance, beauty, and sociab. On Monday, September 23, day and night will be equal length, and autumn will officially begin.

Peak Astrology means your millennial coworkers probably have a Slack channel for horoscopes.

So when the platform Keen invited me. This Friday will fall on September 13th. Cue the spooky music.

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Friday the 13th has long been considered an unlucky day. How much can any one person do, anyway? Ruled by Mercury , Geminis exhibit a delicious brand of mercurial energy.

They are quick-thinking, quick-witted and fast on their feet, much like the messenger god of Roman mythology that rules their sign. Geminis are both curious and clever, which is why they are such a hit at cocktail parties. Although they talk a great game, they also love to listen and learn.

A Summary of the Gemini Zodiac Sign

The element associated with Gemini is air. Those born under this sign prize intellect and consider it the key to all things. Any social setting is a good one for a Gemini, however, since these folks are charming, congenial and love to share themselves with their friends. While their effusiveness may be misconstrued as scheming by some, Geminis generally have their hearts in the right place.

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At work, they are the clearest of thinkers, looking at a project from all well, at least two sides and putting forth some logical and well-thought-out ideas. This trait makes the Gemini horoscope sign an asset to any team, and while these folks are not inclined to take the lead, they are a most valuable component.

The Twins also enjoy bringing their objective reasoning and big-picture ability into their personal relationships. They want to connect, they just do it their own way. Luckily for Geminis and their pals , their lightness of spirit and youthful exuberance help them to appear forever young.

Gemini (astrology)

Ever thought of decorative script, fonts, or other creative forms of communication? In her book Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert suggests we push aside the critic and take the pressure off ourselves to personally deliver.

That way we can be open to what comes, no matter how radical or unexpected the result. Write an "intentions" list on how you ideally want your communication and learning process to look, what information you seek, and that it comes to you easily. It's Cosmic.